Neoguri Soup for the Soul

Neoguri Noodle Soups

Whenever I’m down with a bad case of the blues or a serious head cold, I can always rely on soup to make me feel better.  Specifically, instant noodle soup: faux ramen and wanna-be lomi.  However, if I really need some cheering or clearing up, I tend to bring in the really big guns: those noodle packs from China, Japan, and Korea that make enough for one huge bowl.

Korea’s Neoguri is one brand I’ve pretty much stuck to from square one.  The udon (chunky noodle) variants are among my favorite noodle soup mixes, both the mild and the spicy seafood-flavored kinds.  One pack makes enough soup for two or for one seriously ill or depressed glutton – er, gourmand – like me.

In the past, we used to wait till my mother went to the States to get these as our only source at the time was my aunt who married a Korean-American (Hi, Tita Ging and Uncle Paul!).  These days, you can get them at any reputable supermarket with an extensive Asian foods section.  They’re a tad pricey – PhP 40.00 a pack! – but they’re good and very filling.  (Oh, and if you’re suffering from a massive head cold, the whopping amount of Vitamin C in the spicy variant will send the germs packing!)

2 thoughts on “Neoguri Soup for the Soul

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