Blackout! Chocolate Blackout!

Petite Chocolate Blackout Cake 

It was, given the fact that I was trying to diet at the time, a bad beginning.  I just had to get tempted by the little boxes stacked at the cashier’s table of the company cafeteria. 

I don’t think I could be blamed for succumbing to such blatant temptation.  Look at what’s written on the label: Petit [sic] Chocolate Blackout Cake – rich and moist chocolate cake blanketed with luscious chocolate fudge.  And if even that doesn’t crank your chain, perhaps this will:

a wealth of CHOCOLATE!!!

Oh, lordy…  Even the holiest of saints would give in to such decadence!  ‘Maryosep!  And at thirty pesos a pop, too?  Ah, sheer bliss…

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