Homemade Sausage Patties

Sausage and eggs - a real treat!

I’ve always been a sucker for sausage patties.  For as long as I can remember, they make truly wonderful breakfasts and pack a punch-load of flavor.  This is one reason why McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin and the now-defunct (in the Philippines, anyway) Sausage Biscuits rank high among my favorite brekkie treats.

Sausage patties, however, aren’t exactly common sights in the deli sections of local supermarkets and I haven’t seen them in most of the delicatessens I pop into.  It was a good thing I was able to discover a very good recipe for them that I can whip up whenever I need something special to start my day.

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Refreshing Ways to Stay Cool This Summer (Part II)

Cool, fruited iced tea... 

Yesterday was, mercifully, considerably cooler than the previous days.  Still, it was brutally hot and I stayed home to fend off a hideous case of the sniffles with some intensely spicy noodle soup and a huge tumbler of fruited iced tea.  Need I mention that the latter is almost ridiculously simple to make?  Put three tablespoons of instant iced tea into a large tumbler and dilute with 1/4 cup of your juice of choice; fill up with ice-cold water.  (Fontana Cranberry or Sour Cherry juices are wonderful, and freshly squeezed ponkan [Mandarin orange] juice is a real pleasure.)

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Refreshing Ways to Stay Cool This Summer (Part I)

Lemongrass Iced Tea @ Cafe Ten Titas

It’s only the middle of April and the weather here in the Philippines has been absolutely scorching!  I mean, you come out of the house at six in the morning and the heat is already unbearable!

Times like these call for – no, demand – magnificent drinks that not only cool you off by slaking your thirst, but taste absolutely wonderful, too.  One particularly gorgeous-tasting example would be the refreshing glass of iced lemongrass tea pictured above.  Available at Cafe Ten Titas at the Araneta Center, this exotic cooler is a tangy infusion of lemongrass (tanglad) and just the barest hint of ginger.  This refillable delight comes with a lemongrass twig for a stirrer that greatly enhances the drink’s flavor.

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Pane al Cioccolato: Not Quite Bread, Not Quite Cake

 Pane al Cioccolato

To start things off for this post: Happy Easter, everyone!

I’ve been under a lot of stress of late and was unable to update either SybDive or either of the two fanfic serials I’ve posted on The Fire and Ice Archive.  So, what’s a seriously worn-out gal to do?  Easy: bake bread!

But not just any old bread, I wanted to do something rich, satisfying, and infinitely moreish.  I wanted comfort bread, a good treat after going through heck several times over.  Plus, to up the ante, I was also craving chocolate.  So, to have the best of both worlds, I decided to make pane al cioccolato.

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