The Flavors of Summer

Chunks of fresh ripe watermelon...

Personally, I’m not really a summer person.  Truth be told, chillier climes are more to my taste than tropical weather.  However, as a foodie, I have to admit that the flavors of many things available in the summer are absolutely good and totally refreshing.

Summer is for fresh fruit and dishes that have a lighter touch to them, which is to say there’s neither cream nor heavy sauces involved.  It is a time when fruits like the gorgeously crimson chunks of seedless watermelon above are at the peak of sweet, luscious ripeness.  Chilled in the fridge and cut into chunks or simply sliced and eaten with one’s bare hands, it’s one treat I never miss whenever it’s in season.

Fresh papaya slices

Why not have some fresh papaya for breakfast?  Have it sliced, cut it into large cubes for a tropical fruit salad, or puree the fruit and mix it with ice for a wicked summer cooler.

Oy, fresh MANGOES!!!

Oh, and who can say no to a huge basket or bowl of gorgeously golden mangoes?  Sometimes, all we need to do to bring in a honeyed fragrance to the kitchen or dining room is buy a couple kilos of mangoes.  The warm weather causes them to release a heavenly perfume that permeates any space they’re in.  These babies are wonderful when you peel them by hand – no utensils, thank you very much! – and just bite into the soft orange-y gold, almost sinfully juicy flesh within.  So what if the juice starts running down your arms?  That’s what sinks and showers are for!  Keep a few on hand, too, for fresh mango pies and for topping vanilla ice cream.

2 thoughts on “The Flavors of Summer

  1. wowwee! makes me so homesick, midge, mouthwateringly greenvy (green with envy)…perfect ways to keep cool!
    just watched Andrew Zimmer’s Bizarre Foods episode from home and was so shocked that he didn’t diss our balut, coconut “worms”, mangrove snake (those latter 2 i’ve never tried and have no wish yet to try!). and here you are posting fruits i crave. made me thirsty! 🙂

  2. wow!! i love fruits! during summer, we’d usually make fresh fruit shakes at home. i also love eating fruits– pineapple, grapes, papaya, watermelon, melon, pomelo… dapat lang chilled! sarap! 😀

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