Refreshing Ways to Stay Cool This Summer (Part I)

Lemongrass Iced Tea @ Cafe Ten Titas

It’s only the middle of April and the weather here in the Philippines has been absolutely scorching!  I mean, you come out of the house at six in the morning and the heat is already unbearable!

Times like these call for – no, demand – magnificent drinks that not only cool you off by slaking your thirst, but taste absolutely wonderful, too.  One particularly gorgeous-tasting example would be the refreshing glass of iced lemongrass tea pictured above.  Available at Cafe Ten Titas at the Araneta Center, this exotic cooler is a tangy infusion of lemongrass (tanglad) and just the barest hint of ginger.  This refillable delight comes with a lemongrass twig for a stirrer that greatly enhances the drink’s flavor.

Pandan Lemon Iced Tea @ Cafe Bola

And since we’re already on the subject of iced tea, why not have one flavored with pandan (screwpine) leaves?  Cafe Bola makes a magnificent version of this fragrant libation by infusing a standard-issue brew of black tea with pandan leaves and kalamansi juice. 

Teh Tarik @ Penang Hill

However, if you’re the sort of person who demands a milky cup of tea like I do, Penang Hill at The Ledge – Shangri-la Plaza has a drink that will definitely grab your attention.  Penang Hill has an iced take on teh tarik, the delicious, milky “pulled” tea from the kopi tiams of the Malay Peninsula.  While milder and a bit sweeter than its hot counterpart, this delight goes down easy and is most soothing after a nasi goreng lunch or a lovely snack of roti canai.  (And Penang Hill’s roti canai is magnificent: the buttery flatbread going so well with the rich, spicy curry gravy.  But that, dear readers, is a tale for another day.)

Other places with wonderful iced tea include:

  • Cibo  – The te freddo flavored with peach or mint are always wonderful.

  • Kitchen  – Bottomless iced tea takes on a delightful herbal twist when you opt for either mint or pandan.

  • California Pizza Kitchen‘s raspberry iced tea is my thirst quencher of choice whenever I drop by; TGIFriday’s also has a wonderful strawberry iced tea.  Both are bottomless so drink your fill!

4 thoughts on “Refreshing Ways to Stay Cool This Summer (Part I)

  1. oooh, that looks good! have you tried the teh tarik at banana leaf? really good – just make sure to ask for it iced. have yet to try penang hill’s version …

  2. I love iced lemongrass tea! I found a bottle of lemongrass syrup with which I cheat when I’m lazy to steep lemongrass or if I simply don’t have any lemongrass in hand. I got it at a stall inside Market2. Just put about 2 tbsps in your iced tea and it brings it to a whole new level. 🙂

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