Good Gravy!

Comfort food...

I love Saturday nights for the basic reason that it’s my turn in the kitchen and I have free rein on what to feed the clan for dinner.  I guess I’m very lucky that I belong to a family with adventurous appetites who are all willing to try anything once.  It gives me a chance to be more creative with regard to ingredients and cooking methods.

Some nights, however, you just have to stick to comforting basics: good, ol’ fashioned, rib-sticking food that seems to fill some sort of void within yourself.  Of these, gravy is one of those things that stands at the top of the list.

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Rainy-day Noshing

Feuillete Set @ La Coeur de France

Well, it appears that the rainy season has officially started.  We’re still in the tag-end of May, but it’s already been raining kitties and pups.  That said, the cold weather will force even the most summery people to run for cover, forego the fruity shakes and salads, and start opting for more substantial fare like noodle soups, meat stews, and baked goods still radiating the warmth of the oven.

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Tofu Can Be Such a Treat


Tofu is something people either hate like the plague or love beyond all comprehension.  Those who hate it can’t stand the fact that it’s bland and, as such, serves as little more than an extender to be used in lieu of meat.  However, those of us who do like tofu appreciate its delicate flavor and the way it works so well with a variety of seasonings and prepared in so many ways.  Besides, it’s one of the healthiest – and most reasonably priced – foods you can have.

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