Coffee Things

Iced latte?  Yes, please!

I have been crazy about coffee since I was a little kid.  The fascination probably stems from the fact that my mother used to moisten her rice at breakfast with a bit of coffee.  It’s either that or the fact that my favorite flavor in the Daisy line of milk drinks (alas, now defunct!) was coffee.

Now, these ruinous summer months may not exactly be the best time for coffee, Nescafe‘s current ad campaign notwithstanding, but there have been a number of delicious coffee-flavored treats that are worth sipping and noshing despite the horrendous heat.

Blendy Sugar-free 

The lovely glass of iced coffee shown at the top of this post was made with icy-cold non-fat milk and the Blendy Sugar-free Coffee Syrup (PhP 68.00 for a pack of six tubs of syrup; use one tub for every glass) I recently got at Co-op Japanese Grocery.  Rich and full-flavored, you’d swear that your cooler was made with fresh-brewed coffee rather than an instant!

Roti Mum Coffee Bun

I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like Roti Mum Coffee Buns!  These gorgeous rolls are a mite pricey (PhP 40.00 a bun!), but they are so worth it – if only for the amazing fragrance they impart to any space they’re in.  They made our car smell so heavenly during the trip home from SM Megamall.  They’re not very sweet and are made moreishly rich with the chunks of butter baked on the inside.  They’re big enough for sharing, but hardened gluttons like me can bliss out solo on one.

Mocha Tiger Swiss Roll from BreadTalk

I remember how one of my aunts and I snacked on Swiss rolls whenever we were in Kuala Lumpur during those halcyon summer days of my childhood.  BreadTalk helped me relive those yummy memories with their Mocha Tiger Swiss Roll slices.  These are so named because of the prettily mottled outer crust made of plain cake wrapped around lovely, lovely coffee-flavored sponge and cream. 

Yes, it’s too hot for the usual range of steaming mochas and macchiati, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your java fix elsewhere.

3 thoughts on “Coffee Things

  1. Ms.Coffee forever… anyway it’s good for us right! ;P
    i too started out really young (instant coffee, tons of milk, ice cream, coffee toffee).
    i’m adding Blendy to my list of things to look for at the Japanese grocery! that roti looks veddy interesting.
    thanks, as always for sharing, Midge!

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