Posh Nightcap: Chocolat Chaud avec Rémy Martin

Sheer bliss...

The title of this post is French and translates as hot chocolate with Rémy Martin.  You got that right and your eyes are not deceiving you: it’s instant hot chocolate (well, cocoa, to be exact) with a good slug of Rémy already blended into the mix!

Morinaga Cocoa Cafe - Remy Martin

I found this little treat at Co-op in Makati over the weekend and was more than a little surprised – pleasantly surprised, as a matter of fact!  The first shock was the price: P 68.00 for a box of four sachets.  Not bad, ne

The second shock was the flavor.  It was rich, but not cloyingly so.  It was bittersweet, but the bitterness of it was pleasantly nutty and gave the drink a rather truffle-like flavor.  (Think melted liqueur-filled dark chocolate truffles sliding down your throat – aahh!  Bliss!)  

Obviously, this is not your average, ordinary Swiss Miss – Hershey’s – Milo sort of hot chocolate; with 1% alcohol, I would not advise giving this to children!

Bottoms up!

At the same time, this also isn’t the sort of hot chocolate you would gulp down for breakfast.  Hey, I wouldn’t recommend it for weekend brunch, either!  Instead, this is best enjoyed as a nightcap before you turn in and call it a day.  It is so soothing and is perfect for sipping while reading a chapter out of your favorite novel with your feet propped up on a pouf or footstool.  Very relaxing and guaranteed to induce the sweetest of dreams!

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