DIY: Satay

Nasi goreng and Satay

Satay, those deliciously savory skewered meats so popular in the Malayan Peninsula, have always been a particular favorite of mine.  However, you can’t usually find good satay here in the Philippines though the local pork barbecue can be to die for.

A few years ago, I would get my satay fix from Bali Blue; unfortunately, it closed down.  Then came Ceya at Greenbelt 3’s Food Choices: the satay was great, but the shop closed down, too.  I was lucky enough to sample the chicken and beef satay at Penang Hill (it came with the nasi goreng as pictured above) and I’ve heard that the satay at Banana Leaf is pretty good, too.  However, what’s a girl to do when in need of satay and I’m miles away from any restaurant?

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ASEAN Flavors at The Block

Mee Siam


I have long been a fan of Malayan cuisine, but it’s pretty hard to come by here in the Philippines due to a dearth of restaurants specializing in it.  Indeed, restaurants of this sort are a rather recent phenomenon and not many have actually survived.  (Ah, for the long gone Bali Blue at ATC-Food Choices!  The satay and nasi goreng were just top-notch!)

It’s one reason why I’m grateful for places like the Banana Leaf Cafe where I can fill up on peninsular goodies to my heart’s content.

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Midori Marble Cake

Care for a slice?


Marble cake is one of those things that people either love or hate with a passion.  Those who hate it say that it’s usually this dry, tasteless, wannabe pound cake with a ribbon of ersatz-ly-flavored batter swirling through it.  Those who love it are usually pound cake aficionados who appreciate a moist, buttery cake with a touch of flavoring to make it more interesting.


Ooh, a bag of matcha!  How nice!


I’m something of a neutral party as far as the marble cake issue is concerned, but I do like the idea of replacing the usual ribbon of chocolate-flavored cake with a more exotic flavor.  And that is where my can of matcha from Kozui comes in…

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