A Day at the T House (Part II)

Tuna citrus salad

Tuna Citrus Salad

You can read Part One of this post here.

As I was saying yesterday, people usually make the assumption that going to a restful spa zone also means suffering through a rather monotonous menu of limp raw vegetables and water.  At the T House, however, diners are in for a major surprise.

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A Day at the T House (Part I)

The garden path...


Around a few months ago, Lori Baltazar of the iconic Pinoy food blog Dessert Comes First posted about this new boutique hotel in scenic Tagaytay that served gorgeous food at reasonable rates, had cozy guest rooms with an elemental theme, and also had a spa that promised luxurious treatments for relaxation and detoxification. This little piece of heaven is The T House.

Ever since I read Lori’s entry on the place, I’d been planning to go there and have a look for myself. So, rather than head off to our usual celebration spots for my birthday yesterday, the family all got into the car and trekked over to Tagaytay.

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Pie? Yes, Please…!

What's in the box?


I don’t usually care much for fast-food pies.  Most pies sold at your local grease-burger joint are the fried sort and are filled with faux apple, a pasty peach-mango gloop, or what looks like ube jam piped into a crust.  So stepping into Burger King and looking up at the dessert menu turned out to be a major surprise when I saw three new offerings: Dutch apple pie, Butterfinger crunch pie, and Hershey’s sundae pie.


(And, holy tokwa, there went my diet!)

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