Sata Andagi: Okinawan Doughnuts

A plateful of sata andagi!


Those of you who have been reading SybDive are aware that I will try any food even once and try any recipe even once. This rule applies in a major way to anything edible that comes from the Land of the Rising Sun.


For most Filipinos, however, Japanese food comes in the form of tempura, tonkatsu, sushi, sashimi, and sukiyaki. Some of the more adventurous (read as: those into J-pop culture) know the pleasures of Japanese junk food and street food like yaki-udon and takoyaki. That said, not many people are aware of the cuisine from Okinawa [which, by all estimates, is a fusion of Japanese, Chinese, and even Southeast Asian cooking styles] and are, thus, unaware of a little treat known as sata andagi.

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