A Birthday Post: 31 – ALREADY?!?

Cake?  Yes, please!


Is it my time of the year again already?!  Why, yes, it is!  Most women don’t usually declare how old they turn on their birthdays, but I’m always perfectly honest about how old I am.  (Usually because I have this sinking feeling I won’t get away with lying about my age!  :D)



Yes, that's me now.


I’m 31 this year, not that I really mind.  It’s been quite a year for me, what with my brother being ordained to the priesthood the day before my 30th birthday, my sister graduating from high school,  and all that.


All I can say about myself is this:  I’m Midge…

…baker of cookies and other sweet treats;

…author of tales and many an essay;

…technical writer from hell;

…patroness of cats;

…certified J-rock junkie;

…die-hard Gackt-a-holic;

…rampaging foodie;

…plump-as-a-partridge cook and food blogger.


That’s who I am – and, after so many befuddled years, I can say that I’m proud of myself.


Now, have a laugh with me:

I can has cake?


4 thoughts on “A Birthday Post: 31 – ALREADY?!?

  1. happy happy birthday Midge! i love these pictures, that’s a very cute somewhat naughty expression! and the cat, heehee
    i love his orange marmalade stripes…
    you’re right to have a noisy celebration for all these memorable events.
    btw bagay sa sybdive ang banana smoothie.

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