Good Eating at TriNoMa

Food Choices @ TriNoMa

I like hanging out at the newest Ayala mall TriNoMa (short of TRIangle NOrth of MAnila); it’s fairly interesting, there are a number of shops I particularly like (bookstores and j-rock shops and beauty shops – oh, my!), and the food options there are rather varied. Whatever munchies you fancy, there’s bound to be a place for you at TriNoMa.


Cases in point:

Nikkidory bento from Smairu

Smairu (pronounced as spelled in katakana) does a great set of o-bento and donburi at reasonable prices. This section of the Food Choices area is split into three: the Fire Station which does the o-bento and donburi, the Ice Station where you can pick up sushi, sashimi, and maki at P 88.00 per plate, and the Earth Station where you can get drinks and desserts. I recommend their Nikkidori Bento (P 158.00) which has a breaded fish fillet stuffed with cheese, a small helping of coleslaw and crunchy sweet-soy anchovies, three largish pieces of California maki, a bowl of miso soup, and rice topped with kurogoma (black sesame) furikake.


Sinigang na Sugpo

If a soothing soup’s what you prefer, go for Krocodile Grill‘s take on the classic sinigang na sugpo. They’re generous with the prawns, sliced daikon, and mustasa (mustard greens) and the soup is just sour enough to tingle the tastebuds without fear of puckered-up faces or acid-burned throats. Krocodile also makes a sisig you can swear by and their hito [catfish] dishes are also a must-try.


Three Muhrooms in an Eggie

Breakfast junkies may opt to chill out at Heaven and Eggs where the Three Mushrooms in an Eggie omelet hits the right spot, particularly when served with rosemary-garlic potatoes and a generous helping of steak sauce. (Yes, steak sauce!) Wash it down with their fruity strawberry milk and you’re good to go.

Kalbijim @ Kimchi

Hankering for a taste of Korean food? Then that classic flavors of Kimchi at the recently-opened Landmark Food Court may be right up your alley. Have the flavorful kalbi-jim [stewed beef ribs] (P 99.00) – the stew base is deliciously flavorful with its sweetish blend of soy, kochujang [Korean red pepper paste], sesame, and spring onions. The beef is wonderfully tender and melts in one’s mouth.


There are a lot of other places at TriNoMa, and you’ll be hearing more about them in the coming days. So, in the meantime, come on over and have a meal!

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