Have a Ba•na•na

Banana Kasutera and Caffe Mocca

Honestly, it had to be one of the silliest things I’d ever seen. I mean, it was pretty darned obvious what it was filled with. The shape alone was a dead giveaway and the baker really wanted to rub it in by putting the word directly on the pastry: Ba•na•na. (What did you expect it to be filled with? Pureed pumpkin?!?)

Kasutera Label

This is banana kasutera from the Japanese company Mama: L’Atelier de Patisserie. Essentially, it’s sponge cake filled with mashed bananas flavored lightly with vanilla.

Kasutera (sometimes spelled as Castella) was brought to Japan by Portuguese and Spanish missionaries during the feudal period, along with such dishes as tempura and any breaded and deep-fried specialty now common to any Japanese dinner table.  These days, kasutera is a specialty of Nagasaki, but can be found just about anywhere in Japan.

a Pack of 'nanas!

We found these being sold three to a pack at Co-op and priced at P 68.00.  To those of you familiar with that soft, fluffy, cream-filled treat known as a Tokyo Banana, this is similar but the texture is a bit heavier and much drier.  Think of it as soft biscotti with a banana filling.  It’s rather odd on its own, but it’s great when dipped into a cup of hot coffee or chocolate milk.

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