My Idea of Comfort Food…

Pastel con Pollo
…is my mother’s pastel con pollo.  Think of it as chicken pot pie kicked up several notches: a very short crust covers a delectable filling made with chicken, potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, Vienna sausage, chorizo de Bilbao, and green olives all cooked in a smooth, creamy sauce bechamel.  Alas, Mom only makes this once a year – but it’s so good that it’s definitely worth the wait.  ^_-

4 thoughts on “My Idea of Comfort Food…

  1. my mom passed down a chicken pie recipe to me that has water chestnuts and walnuts. aaaahhhh, smells like sunday afternoon… mmmmm… alam ko na, for our double date, magluto nalang tayo sa bahay ni ironman 😀

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