Just! Answer!

Mango Tango lollipop from Yummy Earth

Because I can be such a “sucker” (pun intended!) for memes, I got tagged for this by Stel

“The rule is very simple. Just copy the following entire list of questions and change all the answers so that they apply to you. Then tag and pass it along to other blogging friends. Let’s see how well we can get to know one another!”

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It’s Not as Innocent as it Looks…

The Bomb at Smairu
Those of you who read this blog on a regular basis know that I will neither shrink from anything new nor will I shirk from even the smallest possibility of trying a new food, restaurant, or beverage.  While this sort of bravado is highly commendable, it has also led me to doing some very silly things – including making the assumption that a spicy dish isn’t so spicy before I’ve even tried it!  And I made this same mistake the last time I trotted over to Smairu at TriNoMa Food Choices: I totally underestimated The Bomb.

Pepsi Goes Posh

Pepsi Deluxe - Strawberries and Cream
Recently seen at 7-11: Pepsi Deluxe!
Think of blending cream soda with cola, spiffing it up with strawberry or vanilla flavors, and pouring it into Armani Exchange cans that look so swank…  The end effect is a yummy, not too sweet (it’s zero-calorie, FYI) beverage with major fashionista points.  At P 20.00 per can, it’s a bit more expensive than your usual can of cola but so much more than worth it.

A Dark Lady Drops by for Valentine’s…

La Dama Negra

Long-time readers of SybDive may probably remember this particular treat that was originally posted online on 26th September 2005, just a couple days after my 29th birthday.  This is my Torta de la Dama Negrathe Dark Lady’s Cake, a gorgeous chocolate cake made more decadent by a generous amount of dark beer; San Miguel Cerveza Negra, in this particular case.  It was adapted from Nigella Lawson‘s Chocolate Guinness Cake from her cookbook Feast.

I’ve reposted the recipe to help out those of you who feel that Valentine’s Day is better celebrated with presents made by loving hands and appreciated by dear-hearts with generous appetites.  🙂  So, here’s the recipe…

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Snacks for Just 88 Pesos

Chocolate sandwiches and coffee!
Recently seen at the Japan Home Center at Park Square I: Furuta Chocolate Sandwich Cookies and UCC Cafe au Lait!  Not too shabby a buy, seeing how the cookies are so nice and the coffee is the sort of thing hardcore javaholics can swoon over.  (Yes, don’t let that cute white can fool you; the coffee is very strong!)  Cookies go for P 88.00 a box and you can get three cans of coffee for the same price.  One other thing, the cookies have a matcha variant just in case chocolate doesn’t get your motor running.