It’s Not as Innocent as it Looks…

The Bomb at Smairu
Those of you who read this blog on a regular basis know that I will neither shrink from anything new nor will I shirk from even the smallest possibility of trying a new food, restaurant, or beverage.  While this sort of bravado is highly commendable, it has also led me to doing some very silly things – including making the assumption that a spicy dish isn’t so spicy before I’ve even tried it!  And I made this same mistake the last time I trotted over to Smairu at TriNoMa Food Choices: I totally underestimated The Bomb.
Like its milder cousin the California maki, The Bomb is an example of uramaki – a sushi roll with the rice on the outside and the nori within.  It is stuffed with raw salmon and some cream cheese instead of the more common Kewpie-brand mayonnaise; the whole thing is dusted over with shichimi togarashi (that incendiary Japanese condiment that combines fiery Szechuan peppers with mandarin orange peel, nori, sesame, poppy, and hemp seeds) and crushed dried anchovies [dilis] before serving.
Most allegedly spicy makizushi often fail to hit the spot with regard to heat and actual spiciness, so I made the mistake of thinking The Bomb would be another dish with a tough name and a wimpy reputation.
Major mistake there.
This is fiery – but pleasantly so!  While standard-issue maki should be consumed in a single mouthful, each piece of this hot-hot-hot delight has to be savored bite by peppery bite.  Mercifully, the wild-ish flavor of the salmon and the smooth, creamy tang of the cream cheese manage to temper the heat before it goes absolutely out of control.
Hey, and it’s rather satisfying, too: six large pieces for P 80.00 – not bad at all.

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