A “Chip”-py Bit of Fun

Salt and Pepper

I am the Yin Yang of Spice

Ah, grasshopper, how little my friends understand me sometimes. I perceive the inherent duality of the world — good/bad, light/dark, up/down, salty/peppery — but am not fooled into taking sides. I am justice and balance personified. I know how to live with contradictions and have a love of paradox. My friends like me for my ability to expound on the “is” of “is-ness.” I know that life is about being here now.

Sandwiches to Soothe Me

“Create manual…  Follow up on items-for-testing…  Incorporate items-for-testing into manual…  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHHHH!!!”
That was how things went over the past couple of weeks and I’ve only been able to take a real breather just now!  At the time, I could hardly eat anything.  (However, that didn’t stop me from baking gianduja sandwiches or those gloriously healthy peanut butter and wholegrain cookies featured in the last couple of posts!)  Well, except for sandwiches.  I never say no to sandwiches when I’m stressed…
Pancake House's Chicken Asparagus Sandwich
…especially if they’re as wonderful-tasting as the chicken asparagus sandwich from Pancake House!