Sandwiches to Soothe Me

“Create manual…  Follow up on items-for-testing…  Incorporate items-for-testing into manual…  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHHHH!!!”
That was how things went over the past couple of weeks and I’ve only been able to take a real breather just now!  At the time, I could hardly eat anything.  (However, that didn’t stop me from baking gianduja sandwiches or those gloriously healthy peanut butter and wholegrain cookies featured in the last couple of posts!)  Well, except for sandwiches.  I never say no to sandwiches when I’m stressed…
Pancake House's Chicken Asparagus Sandwich
…especially if they’re as wonderful-tasting as the chicken asparagus sandwich from Pancake House!
I mean, who can say no to such a treat?  Fresh chicken salad is spread over whole-wheat toast and topped with tender-to-the tooth green asparagus – heavenly!  It’s what I usually eat after a grueling week at work, a glorious weekend indulgence that sets me to rights.
Starbucks Hungarian Sausage and Egg on Ciabatta
If I know I’m going to be in for hell-and-a-half at the office, sandwiches are also a great way to fortify myself for the day ahead.  While a Sausage McMuffin from McDonald’s works fine on most panic-days, this Hungarian sausage, egg, and cheese on ciabatta combo from Starbucks is an elegant start to a hectic schedule.  Just plain yum-worthy…
Homemade Avocado Clubwich
However, I still believe that the best sandwiches are homemade.  So, when all the work is done and I trudge on home, I fix myself this neat snack: avocado slices, some ham or barbecued pork dressed with mustard and mayonnaise, topped with cheese, and tucked between two slices of whole-wheat bread.  Delicious?  Oh, yes!  Soothing?  That, my friends, is an understatement.  😉

2 thoughts on “Sandwiches to Soothe Me

  1. salutations to the Earl of Sandwich!
    I too have been having them a lot lately…from store-bought banh mi to homemade thick-cut BLT. (with a weak nod to staying wholesome w/ whole wheat bread)
    yes to comforting soothing sandwiches! yes to yummy avocado + swiss cheese+ dijon!

    i hope the work pace eases up soon though 🙂

  2. love sandwiches too… i prefer eating them than rice! 😀

    from the good ol’ peanut butter sandwich, my homemade chicken/ tuna salad spread to the yummy sandwiches from restos.. all so good! love it also if its on wheat bread.

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