The Return of the “Grown-up Mid-afternoon Milk Break”

Iced Mochaccinos @ Almon Marina

My sister and I are in the habit of hanging out together on Saturdays despite the huge age gap between us.  (Believe it or not, I’m 31 and she’s only seventeen!)  We usually window-shop, buy some cute trinkets from Comic Alley (the mobile phone charms are so sweet!), walk a lot, and – of course! – eat.  As we get somewhat footsore from all that walking around merienda time, we end up hauling ourselves to someplace nice and grab a nice milky beverage (coffee, tea, hot choc, or even plain steamed milk) and a sweet (or two!).  While the offerings of the bigger java purveyors tempt us, we sometimes to go to the smaller shops for snacks and a companionable chat – and Almon Marina is one of our favorite places.  


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