The Return of the “Grown-up Mid-afternoon Milk Break”

Iced Mochaccinos @ Almon Marina

My sister and I are in the habit of hanging out together on Saturdays despite the huge age gap between us.  (Believe it or not, I’m 31 and she’s only seventeen!)  We usually window-shop, buy some cute trinkets from Comic Alley (the mobile phone charms are so sweet!), walk a lot, and – of course! – eat.  As we get somewhat footsore from all that walking around merienda time, we end up hauling ourselves to someplace nice and grab a nice milky beverage (coffee, tea, hot choc, or even plain steamed milk) and a sweet (or two!).  While the offerings of the bigger java purveyors tempt us, we sometimes to go to the smaller shops for snacks and a companionable chat – and Almon Marina is one of our favorite places.  



Oooh!  Cake!


Those of you who have been reading SybDive for nearly three years probably remember this particular entry where I was all sighs over steamed milk flavored with Irish Creme and Vanilla syrup paired with a moist and velvety chocolate cake.  Ordering iced Mochaccinos [sic] and a generous slice of fudgy chocolate cake made me remember that particular day with a smile.  There really is nothing nicer than a creamy drink and cake to brighten one’s day! 


The iced coffees were nothing to write home about, but they did soothe our parched throats.  The chocolate cake, on the other hand, was utterly scrumptious and our forks didn’t stop until we’d snatched up the last crumb!  The frosting was nice and thick and the cake itself wasn’t very sweet; definitely melted in our mouths!  However, much as I enjoyed this mid-afternoon break with my sister, I regret one thing: we really should have ordered a slice of cake apiece!  😉


Almon Marina @ Festival Supermall2nd Level – Festival Supermall, Alabang, Muntinlupa

4 thoughts on “The Return of the “Grown-up Mid-afternoon Milk Break”

  1. See, these are the things that are lacking where I live now. Italy just does not have this kind of milkshake/sinful cake culture. It’s boom!boom!boom!, grab a quick espresso and out the door you go. Cakes by the slice? Maybe in the ready-to-go section at the grocery mart. Wah!

    Anyhoo, I just had to stop by because I so appreciated that comment on the host bits. Angel cookies sound so appropos, I’ll have to dig up a recipe now!

  2. Thanks for coming back to let me know…I did a quick google search right after I posted the above comment and came up with nothing!

  3. I love hanging out with my sister, too! And our ages are the same as yours! I am actually stricter to her than my mother was but even then, we love each other’s company. We’re both shopaholics and chocaholics!!!

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