I <3 Sashimi Teishoku!

Sashimi Teishoku - the whole deal!
I wanted a Japanese meal, but didn’t exactly feel like having okonomiyaki or tempura.  It was one of those days when even ramen, udon, and soba failed to get my attention and yakimono [grilled dishes] left me cold.  Seeing how it was going to be a toss-up between sushi and sashimi, I decided to step off the beaten path and opt for the latter.  This decision led me to Shin Ramen Tei where I picked the sashimi moriawase teishoku [sashimi set meal] off the menu.
Rice and veggies
Moriawase essentially means “sampler plate”; specifically , a selection of things chosen by the resident chef.  Think of it as omakase (chef’s selection) on a smaller scale, but still excellent.  That said, the main course for this particular teishoku (set meal) is sashimi moriawase or the chef’s choice of sliced raw fish.
At Shin Ramen Tei, things aren’t served by course but are carried to your table on a single tray.  You can choose to start your meal with either one of the two vegetable side dishes.  In this case, I got a small potato salad on lettuce and a generous bowl of yasai itame (mixed vegetable stir fry).  The potato salad wasn’t spectacular, but the yasai was quite delicious as the vegetables were still crisp and spicily seasoned.  As this is a teishoku, a bowl of rice is also brought in along with a small dish of tsukemono (Japanese pickles).  The tsukemono was quite a treat for me as the day’s selection was takuan, sweet-pickled daikon radish – crisp, not too sweet, pleasantly chilled, and perfect as a palate cleanser before the main attraction of the meal.
Raw fish?  Yes, please...
Ah, now for the sashimi!  The meal comes with three selections consisting of three pieces each: saba (mackerel), sake (salmon), and tamago-yaki (sweetish egg omelette).  The usual condiments – some kalamansi, a dab of wasabi, shoyu, and grated daikon for some zing – are also on hand.  To those of you who are used to eating raw fish with vinegared rice, eating raw fish with plain rice will come as a pleasing discovery.  The bland rice allows the flavors of the fish to shine through, so each mouthful becomes a real delight.
A bowl of miso soup accompanies the meal and you can choose to have it at the start of the meal or to wash down all the goodness at the end of the meal the way the Japanese do.  There’s also half a mango and it can serve as either another side dish (the sweetness of the fruit + fish?  Heavenly!) or as dessert.  Would I have this again?  Need you ask?  😉
Shin Ramen Tei @ Festival Supermall: Second Level (beside Santi’s Deli) – Festival Supermall, Alabang, Muntinlupa

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