A Most Savory Breakfast

Starbucks Forest Ham and Shiitake Mushrooms on Ciabatta

This has got to be one of the best breakfasts I’ve tried this year: the Forest Ham and Shiitake Mushroom sandwich from Starbucks. It involves tucking thin slices of savory forest ham, almost meaty-tasting mushrooms, and generous helpings of both basil and sun-dried tomato pesto into a soft, chewy ciabatta. It’s almost pizza-like as far as the flavors and ingredients are concerned but is infinitely more portable.

And one other thing…

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Three Cheers for ToastBox!

ToastBox Menu

I’m getting to be a major fan of ToastBox at TriNoMA; it’s the sort of place for people who want a change from the usual cafe fare as it features offerings with a distinct kopi tiam appeal.  ToastBox is a subsidiary of BreadTalk, that Singaporean bakery chain that brought pork floss-topped buns to tickle our tastebuds, so the bread is always fresh and delicious.  And speaking of bread…

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What’s In the Box?


I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like the tempting treats from Becky’s Kitchen. It’s like everything they have on stock is so incredibly toothsome that you can’t leave the premises without buying at least one slice of cake or a square of one of their incredible tray-bakes. (They even have F.I.C. ice cream by the pint these days; I can’t resist the mango or raspberry flavors!)

We passed by the shop yesterday and picked up a few cake slices for a family dessert – and what a dessert!

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