Bizu: Macarons and then Some

Rose, Menthe avec Chocolat, Griotte avec Chocolat

When I was still working in Makati and felt that the world was with me too much and too soon, I would trudge wearily down Ayala Avenue at the end of the day and haul myself over to a small, French-style pastry shop at the Glorietta for a sugary pick-me-up.  There would be cream cheese brownies, strawberry shortcake, and a glorious assortment of artisanal chocolates to choose from.  However, the only things that could brighten my day were these pastel-colored discs sandwiching what appeared to be an assortment of cremes and ganaches in a variety of flavors.  These  were macarons de Paris and, if you’re from the Philippines, you know that the only place you can get them here is Bizu.

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The Sweetness of…Roses?!

A glass of bandung

When we talk about edible flowers, most people would think of squash blossoms fried in batter or nasturtiums in sandwiches or salads. If you’re from the northern provinces of the Philippines, you’ve most probably eaten katuray blossoms in a number of ways. Now, given that particular notion, what do you think of eating – even drinkingroses?

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The Brownie to Beat All Brownies

Seriously speaking, who doesn’t like brownies?  I have yet to meet anyone who hates these rich chocolate squares, either the satisfying cakey sort or the tempting fudgy kind.

I hadn’t baked brownies in quite a while and, since Monday was a holiday, I decided to march into the kitchen to make a batch.  Unfortunately for me, I peeked into the jar of unsweetened cocoa and discovered – horror of horrors! – that there was scarcely a little over a quarter-cup of the stuff left.  Now, what’s a girl supposed to do in the face of such a dilemma?

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