The Sweetness of…Roses?!

A glass of bandung

When we talk about edible flowers, most people would think of squash blossoms fried in batter or nasturtiums in sandwiches or salads. If you’re from the northern provinces of the Philippines, you’ve most probably eaten katuray blossoms in a number of ways. Now, given that particular notion, what do you think of eating – even drinkingroses?

There’s a tea currently available at Chelsea and another shop at Market! Market! which is made with whole rosebuds. Candied rose petals taste pleasantly of almonds and are normally used to top various confections. (There are also candied violets, but I don’t like them as much.)

At ToastBox, in keeping with the kopi tiam theme, they serve a gloriously pink drink called bandung. Bandung is a drink whose origins date back to the time of the British Raj. An English nobleman recently sent to Malaysia had a profound hatred of tea and went in search of something more palatable. Inspired by a drink made with rosewater syrup served to him by the Indian community, he hit upon the concept of mixing the syrup with cold milk. The rest, as they say, was history. This is a pleasantly sweet drink, not too cloying, and suitably aromatic.

Un rose macaron

If you want a more substantial edible rose experience, then the rose macarons from Bizu may just be your thing. Think of delicate pink almond biscuits flavored with rosewater with rose-flavored cream in between… Heavenly!

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