Feeling Peckish? Have a Floss Sandwich!

Next time you crave for something light but satisfying to go with your tea, try a Floss Sandwich from ToastBox.  It’s a very simple thing: pork floss (the same stuff that goes over and around BreadTalk’s signature bun) and julienned cucumber between two slices of buttered toast.  It’s quite flavorful for something that seems so basic.  I recommend this to go with either a tall, icy glass of bandung, a hot cuppa teh C, or an over-the-top Horlicks Dinosaur.

Mee Siam Memories

Mee Siam.  Sounds exotic, doesn’t it?  The words are translated as “noodles cooked in the Thai manner”, and those of you who are fond of pad Thai can probably appreciate the similarities.

I first encountered this dish as a child during one of those halcyon summers I spent in Singapore and Malaysia.  I remember that I didn’t care much for it before I turned seven; after that, I ate the dish with a voracious appetite.

There is just something about it that tempts the tastebuds.  It looks like a plate of pancit palabok, but the tamarind paste and sambal belacan in the sauce lifts it far, far above that local dish.  Plus, you can have it either fried with the ends of the noodles lightly crisped or soaked in tangy gravy.

I have never attempted to make this at home, even if I do have a good and proper recipe for it from a very old issue of Singapore Airlines’ Silver Kris magazine.  Why?  Well, if you head over to ToastBox, it’s pretty obvious that their version will keep you coming back for more.

A Birthday Post – Celebrating Life

Birthday – Shiori Matsumoto, 2007

Is it the 24th of September again already?! Goodness me, how time flies! Another year older, hopefully another year wiser.

So much has happened since last year’s birthday post. I finished Bitter/Sweet, the novel I serialized on my LiveJournal blog and started No Need for Normalcy! which is also currently on LJ. I went back to writing poetry to calm myself. I started going to the gym to burn out the rage seething through my veins. I finally got my cinnamon roll recipe right.

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A Childhood Fave Gets Healthy

I recently saw these at The Landmark supermarket: yogurt-flavored Meiji Yanyan!

Those of you who were, like me, kids of the 1980s and 1990s remember this snack as a tall-ish paper cup filled with pretzel sticks (think uncoated Pocky) and a chocolate dip with the texture of pudding.  This particular variant has oat pretzels and a tangy yogurt dip.

As far as I’m concerned, however, I think I’ll stick to my old-school Yanyan in the red cup.  Calories and trans-fats bedamned, this is one of those few times when I won’t be adventurous and will just stick with the stuff I like best.

Sweet, Pink, and…FUZZY?!

Lamingtons, those cubes or spheres of buttery cake dipped in either jam or chocolate frosting and rolled in coconut, are not common sights in the Philippines.  Indeed, these products of the Australian baker’s art are virtually nonexistent even in establishments specializing in Aussie tucker.

It, thus, came as a surprise when I found them – in all places! – at Starbucks.

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