A Bit of Turtle Pie

Whenever I felt that the world was too much with me and too soon back in my Makati days, I would grab my notebook and a pen and flee to The Tea Republic for a pot of peppermintrose tea (still a major personal favorite) and the incredibly toothsome turtle pie.

There was always something so comforting about the combination.  The cool yet floral fragrance of the steaming tea served to clear my mind and got me more focused.  Then, the mix of dark chocolate cookie crumbs, velvety chocolate mousse, buttery caramel, and crisp pecans served to remind me that whatever was bothering me would also pass and there would be better things in the days to come.

It’s been over five years since I left Makati and I’m now – work-wise anyway as I’m still a southern suburbanite – a Quezon City gal.  Still: it’s a good thing to return to one’s past.  Well, the more comforting aspects of it, anyway.