A Gift of Chocolate – Part Two

As if I wasn’t pleased enough with the Perugina bars, Mr. W also threw in a couple Endangered Species Premium Organic Bars for good measure.

These bars are smaller than the ones from Perugina – 50 grams as opposed to 100 – but were certainly more delectable.  Plus, they’re made by a socially-responsible establishment that uses the finest fair-trade cocoa and contributes towards animal conservation – hence their name and the fab animal pics on their labels.

The Smooth Organic Dark Chocolate with Cherry bar melted sensuously in my mouth: a dangerously dark bit of 70% cocoa pleasure flavored with extracts of both tart and black cherries.  I consider it a more pleasurable alternative to chocolate cherry liqueurs.  Plus, it’s the sort of chocolate you want to savor – which is to say it’s better to let it melt slowly in your mouth rather than chomp through it with abandon.  (Oh, and it has a koala on the wrapper.  I love koalas!)

On the other hand, the Smooth Organic Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter is a refined take on a popular flavor combination.  The smooth, creamy-rich chocolate goes well with the mouth-filling, toasty flavor of the peanut butter.  This is another bar you won’t want to rush through.

It’s hard to believe that the guy who provided me with such glorious treats is the same one who complained about me paying fifty bucks for an itty-bitty bite of Belgian chocolate.  He tells me, however, that I’m worth it.

Wasn’t that sweet of him?  😀

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