A Birthday Post – Celebrating Life

Birthday – Shiori Matsumoto, 2007

Is it the 24th of September again already?! Goodness me, how time flies! Another year older, hopefully another year wiser.

So much has happened since last year’s birthday post. I finished Bitter/Sweet, the novel I serialized on my LiveJournal blog and started No Need for Normalcy! which is also currently on LJ. I went back to writing poetry to calm myself. I started going to the gym to burn out the rage seething through my veins. I finally got my cinnamon roll recipe right.

Just some funny and/or thought-provoking moments from this past year:

  • From the 07th April entry on my LJ: Witnesses tell me that I bolted from my place and hopped into the elevator lickety-split. Those of you who know me best know why I jumped into that elevator. I was in shock, just so you know; I was just so gosh-darned happy! To think that I was ready to throw in the towel earlier that day because our Managing Director hadn’t signed the contract! I must have been grinning – no, smiling – from ear to ear; I was just so blissed out!

  • I was able to get some of the books I really wanted this year: Marsha Mehran’s Pomegranate Soup and The Lollipop Shoes, the sequel to Joanne Harris’s superb Chocolat. My brother, Fr. Jeff, gave me a PowerBooks gift card for my birthday, so I’ll probably get Nigella Lawson’s Feast! Super!
  • I baked a double batch of cinnamon rolls and a chocolate cake in the middle of the night and took both to a meeting at work the following day. Now, everyone asked me “Why did you bake? You didn’t have to!” I told them I had insomnia: I couldn’t sleep so I used my pent-up energy to thrash up some bread dough and whip up a bowl of cake batter. That’s part of the reason, and that’s the only part of it I will stick to publicly. Wild horses will never drag the truth out of me. 😉
  • God actually listens to my prayers! (Go back to first item.)
  • This was also the year that I developed an incredible addiction to premium dark chocolate. ‘Tis a decadent hobby, but that’s what two hours of gym twice a week are for, my dear…
  • As seen in the picture at the top of this post, I have gone back to my old habit of looking for intriguing artwork.  This 2007 piece by Japanese fantasy/surrealist painter Shiori Matsumoto is so appropriate for today, seeing how it brings three elements close to my heart (food, art, and a sense of whimsy) together in a pleasing whole.

It’s been an insanely exciting year and I’m so grateful for every blessing that came my way. To all of you whom I met this year – or re-encountered this year in the case of some – welcome to my life. To those of you who have stuck with me through every fairy tale and horror story of the past 32 years, thanks for standing by me.

Here’s to the magic, the blessing, the entirety of life.

3 thoughts on “A Birthday Post – Celebrating Life

  1. belated happy birthday midge dear! i totally get the premium dark chocolate addiction…i empathize!

    woooow i still have to read The Lollipop Shoes, i kind of got stuck on The Coastliners, hmmmm. let me know how you like it ha…

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