Heavenly Chocolates: An Evening of Nama Appreciation

The invitation came as a surprise last November 28th. Benjie Pedro, the chief chocolatier and main man over at Heavenly Chocolates, left a comment here on my blog to invite me to a Sachi nama tasting event over at the shop along Roces Ave. on the fifth of December. Being the major-league chocoholic that I am, who was I to say no?

The tasting was supposed to start at five, so I thought leaving the office at four-thirty was a wise decision. Of course, on the day itself, how was I supposed to know that every Tom, Dick, and Facundo decided to go home early and congested practically every street in the Diliman – T. Morato area?! I got in twenty minutes late; fortunately, most of the other participants also ran into traffic so we didn’t really get the party started till around six.

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