A Rather Delectable [Working] Lunch

Herb-roasted Chicken Breast with Balsamic Vinegar Reduction

Given the nature of my current occupation, there are times when I have to step out of the office to help out my boss, particularly where events are concerned.  At such times, I have to eat and run or eat on the run.  It was, thus, a blessing that we actually had a chance to have a relaxed sit-down luncheon whilst preparing a conference room for a MoA signing over at the Shang-ri La Makati.

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Fried Rice in a Flash


I have to admit that I’m not really a fan of sinangag, the garlic-flavored friend rice that forms the basis of many a Filipino breakfast.  I don’t remember exactly why I don’t like the stuff, but I think it has something to do with the fact that some people at our house tend to get a bit heavy-handed about adding the garlic.

Give me a plate of Chinese-style fried rice, though, and I will immediately swoop down on aforementioned plate and scarf it down with abandon before you’ve even had time to blink twice.  To me, you see, a properly prepared dish of fried rice is a satisfying meal in itself.

These days, however, with all the rushing about people do, I don’t exactly have the time to chop all of the ingredients necessary for my favorite dish.  Luck for us urban warriors, canned veg – specifically mushrooms and corn – and fried rice mixes like Clara Ole’s Ora Mix Mo are there to cut down on prep time.


Just grab some cold rice, fire up your wok, throw everything + a fresh egg in, et voila!  Breakfast is served!  😉

FYI: For Your Indulgence

Frozen Yoghurt with Strawberry Sauce
Frozen Yoghurt with Strawberry Sauce

FIC – Fruits in Ice Cream – is one of my favorite local frozen dessert brands.  The flavors aren’t too sweet (the green tea, in particular, is fab) and the texture’s just right.

However, seeing how I’m supposed to be watching my weight, I need an alternative to my usual sugar-loaded treat.  I am so glad that FIC finally got their frozen yoghurt out on the market!

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New Bombay Canteen: Sub-continental Lunch

Medium-spiced Mutton Roghan Josh
Medium-spiced Mutton Roghan Josh

For most Filipinos, Indian cuisine is not something for the squeamish given the amounts of odoriferous spices used for most dishes.  This is, in itself, a real pity as most people end up depriving themselves of some of the best dishes in the world.  Well, I guess that means more for us adventurous eaters, then…

As far as I’m concerned, the best Indian food I’ve had here in Manila comes from the New Bombay Canteen.  Originally, this highly popular eatery was located at the Cityland condominium along Buendia.  Over the years, it has opened several other branches as well as a food court stall all within the Makati area.  Despite the expansion, I am pleased to admit that the quality of the food has not deteriorated at all.

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