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New Bombay Canteen: Sub-continental Lunch

Medium-spiced Mutton Roghan Josh
Medium-spiced Mutton Roghan Josh

For most Filipinos, Indian cuisine is not something for the squeamish given the amounts of odoriferous spices used for most dishes.  This is, in itself, a real pity as most people end up depriving themselves of some of the best dishes in the world.  Well, I guess that means more for us adventurous eaters, then…

As far as I’m concerned, the best Indian food I’ve had here in Manila comes from the New Bombay Canteen.  Originally, this highly popular eatery was located at the Cityland condominium along Buendia.  Over the years, it has opened several other branches as well as a food court stall all within the Makati area.  Despite the expansion, I am pleased to admit that the quality of the food has not deteriorated at all.

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