How to Enjoy Vegetables in the Morning

Spring Veggie and Ham Crepe with some Chocolate Soymilk on the side

Okay: in the name of good health and fitness, I’m supposed to throw more veggies into my diet.  Now, I love vegetables but I normally have them at lunch or dinner.  How does one have vegetables for breakfast aside from tomato omelettes and fried potatoes?  Well, why not have a spring vegetable crepe and some soymilk, then?

This recent find at Starbucks consists of a melange of julienned vegetables – carrots, zucchini, cucumbers, and red peppers – bound with pesto and wrapped in lollo rosso lettuce and some ham.  The whole combination is then bundled into a parsley-flecked egg crepe.

According to its packaging sleeve, the spring veggie and ham crepe is best served cold – and it does taste pretty good.  The vegetables are beautifully crisp, the natural sweetness of the carrots and zucchini balanced by the savory ham and pesto.  The crepe itself doesn’t have much flavor, but it does act as a foil to the slight sharpness of the cilantro in the pesto.

This is a healthy way to start your day and I seriously recommend pairing this with some chocolate Silk soymilk.  Fresh, low-cal, and yummy is an understatement.

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