Theobroma: Ice Cream Goes Divinely Decadent

In a bid not to get too depressed last Valentine’s Day, I decided to spend my morning shopping for curry ingredients and some personal supplies (I recommend the Undertone soap from Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Soap [yes, that’s exactly the name of the stall!] – so soothing with all the lavender and chopped rosemary!). However, despite my valiant efforts not to get too blue, the number of couples hanging out at the mall really got me down. This promptly caused me to flee to the upper floors for a bit of comfort – and I found it at Theobroma.

Theobroma Belgian Chocolates have been at the Festival Supermall for ages. First, they sold the usual artisanal truffles and pralines. Next, they added decadent chocolate cakes to their menu. Their current little niche in the wall on the third floor now boasts a stand from which they still sell truffles, pralines, and the nicest mint or orange-infused chocolate sticks for nibbling I’ve ever tasted. Plus, they also have a few tables where one can sit down and relax over a cup of hot chocolate, maybe a truffle or two, a slice of cake perhaps, or a couple scoops of ice cream.

Yes, ice cream.

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