A Tower of Valentine Cupcakes

Looks divine, doesn’t it? This was but one cake out of several dozen used to make up the centerpiece for last week’s Company Town Hall meeting. As in…

Pretty thing, isn’t it?

I have yet to ask the organizers where they bought the cupcake tower, but I assure you that these were some of the most devilishly delightful little mouthfuls I’ve ever tasted.

Exquisitely moist dark chocolate butter cake was topped with a billowy cloud of creamy pink frosting. The frosting itself wasn’t very sweet nor too sticky; to put it frankly, it just seemed to melt in my mouth and slip down my throat like a slip of silk slithering gracefully down.

It was, in honor of the day, decorated with a pastillage heart that, despite being made of sugar, I didn’t have the heart (alas!) to eat. For one thing, it was cute. For another, unfortunately, it was virtually inedible.

Nevertheless, this was a thoroughly satisfying cupcake experience.

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