Mangoes are Such a Comfort

Mango Cream Pie from Conti's

Mango Cream Pie from Conti's

In the tropics, you know that summer is drawing near when mangoes start showing up at one’s local fruit stand or greengrocer’s.  While ripe mangoes are always a delight, they can also be one of the most versatile ingredients – particularly where decadent desserts are involved as seen in the mango cream pie above from Conti’s.

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Oh, Banoffee!


Banoffee Pie from Goodies and Sweets

I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t care much for banoffee pie.  The combination of caramel, chocolate, cream, and fresh bananas on a graham cracker crust is a real pick-me-up for the blues.

Many local bakeshops have produced their own respective versions of this dessert, but one of my absolute favorites is this cream-topped version from Goodies and Sweets – perfect with a hot cup of coffee!

How to Enjoy Vegetables in the Morning

Spring Veggie and Ham Crepe with some Chocolate Soymilk on the side

Okay: in the name of good health and fitness, I’m supposed to throw more veggies into my diet.  Now, I love vegetables but I normally have them at lunch or dinner.  How does one have vegetables for breakfast aside from tomato omelettes and fried potatoes?  Well, why not have a spring vegetable crepe and some soymilk, then?

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Bizu: Déjeuner pour Un


Le Croque Monsieur avec Pommes Frites

I was feeling a little poorly and lonely recently, so I decided to perk myself up by having a satisfying lunch at Bizu – and what a lunch!  A croque monsieur filled with jambon du Paris (that lightly salted, savory French ham I grew to love on a long-ago pilgrimage to Lourdes) and Gruyere, a small bowl of prawn bisque, and some pommes frites (chunky French fries) on the side.

I ate and ate until I was satisfied and felt warm within.  Afterwards, I looked at my watch and sallied forth to my next appointment – the meat of which I will reveal soon enough.