Look What I Bought Over the Weekend!

Yep, I was finally able to buy myself a pair of madeleine tins over the weekend. I got these at Saizen on the 3rd Level of the East Wing of Robinson’s Galleria in Ortigas. They were going for only about P 85.00 each and I nearly went mad because they had practically everything from kitchen knives to muffin tin liners to quiche pans and even ramekins for coeurs de la creme!

Trust me: I’m going back there soon to build up my culinary arsenal.

In the meantime, I’m going to grab my copy of the Cafe by the Ruins Cookbook and brush up on the recipes for both mango and prune madeleines…

Desktop Dining: Doughnuts and Gianduia

Ever have one of those days when you’ve just recovered from something gruesome, you’re back at work, the air-conditioning’s on polar and you don’t really feel like eating the usual "rice-meat-and-veg" sort of meal?

I do. (And I apologize for the shoddy past couple of posts; the flu – no, not the AH1N1! – is bad at this time of year.)

That, said, it’s time to pack a snack I could nibble on at my desk along with a mug of creamy lavender milk tea. For today, it’s homemade doughnuts and a small [almost gone anyway] cup of Finetti gianduia. Unlike my regular doughnut recipe, this one has plain milk rather than buttermilk and is flavored with cinnamon and nutmeg as well as the usual vanilla. That said, it’s just plain darned moreish on its own but becomes even more of a treat with dab upon dab of the choc-hazelnut spread.

Now, if only I could get my officemates to just back off and keep their paws off my lunch!

Cheap AND Good

For all you SybDive readers who aren’t from the Philippines who might be thinking of seeing our 7,107 islands for their next vacation, here’s another food-related reason why you should go:

Even our cheap, food-court / street-shack eats are good.

P 65.00 (about US$ 1.38 at today’s rate) will get you a sizzling platter with rice, two good slabs of barbecued pork belly, gravy, and a bowl of cabbage soup from food court staple Rice Surprise. Other stalls will offer a variety of value meals ranging from P 59.00 (US$ 1.22) for a cup of rice, soup, and one kind each of meat and veg to P 265.00 (US$ 5.50) for an extravagant basket of goodies consisting of grilled fish, meats, simple green mango and/or tomato salads, and, of course, rice.

Not a bad deal, ne? ;D

I am Craving for Lamb Stew!

If I were to choose what I would like to eat right now whilst I’m recovering from the flu, (Mercifully, no: it’s not the dreaded AH1N1!) it would have to be the Irish Lamb Stew from Secret Recipe.  Trust me: it isn’t like any lamb stew you may have had in the past unless you’re the type who can actually make the sort of caldereta to make even the angels weep.

Imagine: a lamb shank cooked till the meat practically falls off the bone and melts in one’s mouth, its very substance adding body and savor to the dark gravy around it.  The dish comes with the usual accoutrements of stew: carrots and peas in the gravy and a crisp-chewy cloud of mashed potato on top.  (I keep wondering if there’s any dark beer in the gravy.  If there is, wow is all I can say. :D) 

It’s big enough for two – even three – people to share and you can opt for either a freshly baked bun or a cup of buttered rice to go with it.  (I vote for the rice.)  Seriously: you will find yourself gnawing the bone by the end of the meal and wishing you ordered another one – even if you’re already well-sated by the first!