At a Grocery Near You: Oishi Gourmet Picks

My mother recently arrived home from the States and was griping about the fact that, as a compulsive muncher, she had very little in the way of crunchy snacks for practically the whole month she was in California. When she got back, we decided to cheer her up by offering a bowl of chips from this bad-@$$ new line of snacks: Oishi’s Gourmet Picks potato chips.

Long-time fans of this particular local brand will see that the chips are a bit thinner than those of sister-brand Oishi Ridges but the chips are just as ruffly as those popular snacks. Moreover, Gourmet Picks currently has a three-variant lineup consisting of the Japan-esque Nori and Wasabi, the echt-Korean Kimchi, and the Natural Sea Salt which happens to be our favorite at home. These aren’t very salty yet remain quite flavorful; the fact that they don’t have any MSG either is also a great plus.