Cheap AND Good

For all you SybDive readers who aren’t from the Philippines who might be thinking of seeing our 7,107 islands for their next vacation, here’s another food-related reason why you should go:

Even our cheap, food-court / street-shack eats are good.

P 65.00 (about US$ 1.38 at today’s rate) will get you a sizzling platter with rice, two good slabs of barbecued pork belly, gravy, and a bowl of cabbage soup from food court staple Rice Surprise. Other stalls will offer a variety of value meals ranging from P 59.00 (US$ 1.22) for a cup of rice, soup, and one kind each of meat and veg to P 265.00 (US$ 5.50) for an extravagant basket of goodies consisting of grilled fish, meats, simple green mango and/or tomato salads, and, of course, rice.

Not a bad deal, ne? ;D