Are You Ready for Rose-Flavored Pumpkin Seeds?

Add these to your "What the effin’ heck is that?" catalogue: rose-flavored pumpkin seeds!

I found these at the Spices ‘n’ Flavours stall on the ground floor of SM Makati. I was on my way home and felt rather peckish and I saw these – along with coffee, green tea, and a spicy kind that had a dangerously fiery red tinge to it – being sold in tidy 100-gram packs. The seeds were rather pricey at P 58.00 per pack, but I decided to take a chance on them.

The outside is pink and tastes like the usual pumpkin seeds but there’s a bit of sweetness that keeps them from tasting too salty. I felt somewhat cheated, though: there wasn’t any hint of rosiness in the coating. But, seeing how I had to give these a chance, I popped one open and munched.


The rose flavor is subtle and there’s a sweetness absent in most snacks of this nature but it’s beautifully balanced by the salt. I will go on the record as saying that these are almost dangerously addictive little snacks; my 100-gram pack has dwindled to barely a handful and sits limp on my desk.