New at Biscotteria Margherita: A Mango and Cashew Delight

This has to be one of the best original baking ideas I’ve had in quite a while: a batch of golden biscotti studded with dried mangoes and toasted cashews. Feeling whimsical on the day I baked these for the very first time, I gave them the name Viva Antipolo. The pilgrimage town of Antipolo in Rizal Province, you see, is famous for its mangoes and cashews; devotees of Our Lady of Good Voyages who come to the town in May buy bushel baskets and sacks of these to bring home as gifts.
Eaten on their own, they have a buttery sort of flavor despite the fact that I don’t use butter for biscotti. (The yellow color is actually imparted by the mango extract used to flavor the dough.) The chewiness of the mango bits balances the crunch of the cookie and the smoky taste of the toasted nuts adds savor. Indeed, I’ve been told that the Viva Antipolo has a rather fruitcake-y vibe to it but is certainly much more appealing than real fruitcake.

As shown above, it goes well with hot chocolate and it pairs nicely with salabat (traditional ginger tea), too.

The Viva Antipolo is one of Biscotteria Margherita‘s newest offerings and goes for PhP 15.00 apiece, minimum order of 12. To order, feel free to email me at or call/text 0915-8517362.