On Vegetarian Chicharon

The line on the package really grabs you, doesn’t it? Vegetarian chicharonfaux pork crackling!

It’s one of the newer items from the Oishi stable and goes by the name Marty’s Cracklin’. I don’t know who Marty is – heck, I haven’t even the faintest clue as to who he is! – but I have a feeling that he’s either a recent convert to vegetarianism or a middle-aged fellow who was told by his doctor to cut down on fatty treats like chicharon.

When you open the pack, you’ll see that the munchies really do look like squares of deep-fried and puffed-up pork skin. To a certain extent (well, depending on which variant you’re eating), they even taste like the real thing.

These babies come in either plain salted or salt-and-vinegar. While I did like the plain salted kind shown at the top, I prefer the salt-and-vinegar; it’s more realistic. 😉