A Few Treats at Classic Confections

After Isabelle‘s celebratory lunch, we perused Mesa’s dessert menu and felt that, while the rest of their offerings were fab, the desserts just left us cold. Thanks to my mother, we found ourselves trooping upstairs to Classic Confections on the third floor of Greenbelt V.

Almost a decade-old, this popular dessert cafe is the brainchild of local celeb chef Baba Ibazeta-Benedicto and is known for some of the most decadent chocolate desserts. Much as we would have loved to gobble up such decadence, our full bellies warranted milder, lighter treats. Nevertheless, we were there to indulge ourselves no matter what, so we brought on the Cheesecake!

CC’s cheesecake (P 150.00) is the baked kind; in this case, one with a pretty snowflake design on top. It seemed a pity to eat it, but Isabelle’s cheesecake-mad so she attacked it with her fork almost as soon as it came to the table. Crumbly at first, it melts to an almost sensual unctuousness almost as soon as you close your mouth. It’s just the way we like it, too: thin graham-cracker-crumb crust, not too sweet, and just the faintest hint of a citrusy tang to it.

The mango panna cotta is a dreamy sort of dessert. Each creamy spoonful tastes of mango nectar; coupled with the ripe mango balls, it’s almost sublime. The only issue I had with this dessert was that the use of gelatin was pretty obvious in the texture. Gelatin in a panna cotta, at least in my personal opinion, should give it shape rather than texture.

My parents shared a pot of Earl Grey with our desserts along with a small bag of chocolate-y Almond Crunch toffee (P 100.00 per bag; P 250.00 for a small tin). Isabelle had a mocha and Fr. Jeff had a macchiato. I opted for the green tea latte, expecting it to be an emerald-tinged mug-ful of bliss but was shocked when the drink above showed up. It was coffee – coffee with a layer of green tea-ish syrup at the bottom of the mug! Now, I know I’m not supposed to drink coffee (contraindication with my bipolar disorder, you see), but it would be such a waste.

So, yes, I did drink it. I did enjoy it. I felt a bit shaky afterwards, but was otherwise okay.

Besides, it made a good dip for the buttery sugar cookie that came with it. 😉