My Kind of Darkness

After feeling more than a little bone-weary last week (what with doctor’s appointments, incessant rains, floods, truly horrendous traffic, and having to head to work for a shoot the previous Sunday!), I decided to spend Saturday chilling out with two new books, getting my hair cut very short, and doing a bit of detox.

I contemplated seeing the newest Harry Potter film, seeing how everyone and their kid brothers/sisters was queuing up at the cinemas, but you see: I stopped reading the series after The Goblet of Fire and stopped seeing the films at the one with the same name. With all the angst and darkness I have to go through in real life, I didn’t need to see any more of it on the silver screen. (Besides, after JK Rowling shot down my favorite OTP…grr…! Let’s just say that Ginny Weasley deserved a wizard with more gumption than Scarhead!)

Instead, I went down to Theobroma, one of my favorite ice cream stands and got myself my own little cup of darkness: Dark Chocolate Orange and Almond ice cream.

Like all the other ice creams at Theobroma, this one is incredibly rich with an almost chewy texture. It’s very dark – not as dark as Theobroma’s Bittersweet, but it is still several shades darker than most commercial chocolate ice creams. While the taste is distinctively chocolatey, there’s also a burst of orange-y aroma that grabs one’s nose and palate in a most pleasant way. Throw in the toasty crunch of roasted almonds and you have a true feast for the senses.

The rest of the world can go see a bunch of wizards try to snuff each other out. I, on the other hand, would rather have my darkness in rich, fragrant, wickedly decadent cupfuls.