Gorgeous, Glorious Cakes!

Isn’t it gorgeous? I saw this at Heavenly Chocolates when I went there for last month’s Chocolate Appreciation 101 workshop. This beautiful showpiece of a cake was done by a young baker of the management team’s acquaintance. It’s all made of fondant and, in practice, can be made edible from top to bottom. The price: a reasonable P 24,000.00 (approximately US$ 500.00) – it is edible all over, after all.

If I were to choose – in the unlikely event that I ever get hitched – I want the cake above. The layers within should be moist dark chocolate ones sandwiching a gooey blend of gianduia and ganache. Beauty and deliciousness in a single package; sheer perfection, if you ask me. 😉

Incidentally… My ebook of poems is finally on line and ready for your reading pleasure! Songs for My Wandering Muse is a compilation of poems I wrote from 2004 to 2008. This little tome of love-lornity can be read by clicking here. Constructive criticism appreciated, as always. 😀