Finally: The Elusive Avocado Seafood Sandwich

This is the sandwich that has been eluding my tastebuds for ages. Its name is an obvious statement of what’s in it: Avocado Seafood.

This has been on the Almon Marina menu for ages. However, it seemed like it was always unavailable each and every single time I asked for it. It was a lucky break when I recently headed to AM and wanted something different from the usual deli sandwiches. Very lucky, indeed, as the Avocado Seafood was definitely in stock!

It is, to put it one way, like something out of an Enid Blyton school-story: tinned shrimp [prawns] mixed with minced onion, mayonnaise, and diced avocado. The resulting mixture is then scooped onto some lettuce on a slice of toasted rye and topped with yet another. Slide it onto a plate, toss in some lovely potato crisps on the side, and you have a good meal.

The smooth, slightly bitter creaminess of the avocado goes nicely with the crisp-chewiness and sweetish taste of the shrimp. I know this isn’t everybody’s idea of a good sandwich, but, boy: am I finally glad I’ve tasted it.

(And yes: I’d go for it again. ;))

4 thoughts on “Finally: The Elusive Avocado Seafood Sandwich

  1. I sometimes eat in Almon Marina but never saw this in the menu. I love avocado so I’ll definitely try this sandwich next time I find myself there.

  2. I guess I understand why avocado in a sandwich might not be for everyone.. but I’m willing to check this one out!
    I love it when chips are served with sandwiches. Instead of eating the chips on its own, I put it in the sandwich for that extra crunchy texture. Yum. Do you do that too?

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