The Biscuits…They’re PINK!

I apologize for the shoddy lighting in this particular shot, but the biscotti shown above are actually pink. That’s right; these biscuits with the rosy hue are my Bacche di Bosco – forest berry – biscotti.

It actually began as an experiment when I found some strawberry flavoring in the kitchen along with a bag of mixed winter fruits, specifically a blend of dried blueberries, cherries, cranberries, raisins, and currants.

The first results were good, but I felt that the strawberry flavor was more than a little muted. I thought about using more strawberry flavoring, but worried that too much of it would alter the texture of the biscotti. What actually helped in the end was a packet of strawberry-flavored instant oatmeal! The instant oatmeal replaced the plain oats I normally use for my biscotti and it really gave the cookies a wonderful flavor and aroma.

The cookie isn’t very sweet despite the fact that the strawberry oatmeal is pre-sweetened and the mild sweetness makes for a lovely contrast with the sharp flavors of the mixed berries. Plus, the crispness goes well with the chewy fruit.

Indeed, it was one of my more successful experiments this past month. 😉

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