Milk Tea: A Personal Power-up

Milk tea: it’s been my personal jet fuel since I got out of college. More than hot chocolate, more than even coffee, it’s the stuff that has kept me company during serious writing assignments and grueling concept development sessions.

Most PR practitioners, advertising mavens, and journalists prefer to drink coffee to stay on their feet for the long haul. However, as I learned personally, too much coffee + too much stress = a nervous breakdown. That said, tea has proven to be a gentler but nevertheless effective stimulant.

It is one thing to brew tea, to let it steep in hot water until it yields a beautiful, fragrant cup. Unfortunately, given the reckless, ruthless, rushabout nature of the field I’m in, even the simple act of dropping a tea bag in hot water and waiting for it to brew properly takes precious minutes.

So, while the accompanying rituals aren’t exactly as satisfying as doing it the regular way, I’m glad that there are both instant and ready-to-drink milk teas on the market. There’s Lipton Milk Tea, of course (in Vanilla, please!), as well as my favorite Mine Shine. Then there’s the little can shown above: Pokka Milk Tea. This one is obviously an Earl Grey-based drink; you can just smell the bergamot almost as soon as you open the can! (Oh, and the floral pattern on the can? Pretty!)

What’s your personal jet fuel, that drink that keeps you company in the busiest situations?