A Nutty Way to Beat the Heat

The weather’s gone completely and utterly weird on us again and today is a real scorcher!

Despite the fact that I really shouldn’t be eating ice cream, desperate times call for desperate measures.  That said, I hied off to the nearest convenience store to grab some ice cream.

This is one of my regular favorites: in Nestle Drumstick in Chocolate Almond Dream.  The ice cream on top isn’t as chocolatey as I’d like it to be,and it doesn’t go all the way through (In fact, half the cone is filled with vanilla), but it works in a pinch.

It’s a chunky little treat, though,  There are almonds on top, almonds within; this gives the Drumstick a toasty flavor that really works with the sugar cone and ice cream. 

Oh, and the tip is almost solid chocolate.  Not good for me right now, yes, but this little sin was worth it.  😉