A Bundle of Sweetness

What's in the bundle?

What's in the bundle?

I hate saying goodbye whenever my colleagues (or, in some cases, I myself) have to take leave of everyone to head for better pastures.  Unfortunately, it can’t be avoided sometimes, so we just have to buck up and face reality.

And bring food to the despedida [farewell party], of course.

Since this particular departure caught us all off-guard, I didn’t have time to bake.  So I just grabbed this bundle of Cuplets from Frostings, one of the newer cupcake bakeries in the metro.


These are cupcake versions of three popular desserts.  From the top: chocolate-marshmallow, sans rival (a dessert made of sheets of meringue sandwiched with nuts and cream), and brazo de mercedes (a soft meringue roll with a custardy filling made of egg yolks and sugar).

These were pretty good and were also a pretty good deal at P 99.00 only.  🙂